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What is Google Plus?

Google Plus is a social network and content aggregator from the world’s most popular search engine and technology development company. +Post ads can be used to engage users of the platform. People can comment on your ad, share it with a friend, or, if it has been setup, join a live ‘Hangout’. Brands can also reply to any comments, giving them one-on-one engagement with customers. Once your ad campaign is over, the posts remain, archived (and become searchable on Google search), a real advantage that essentially enables continual advertising.

The Hangout option allows the advertiser to demonstrate their products live. Google Plus users logging on can watch the Hangout and, in some circumstances, talk directly to the company representative and ask questions. Once the Hangout is finished, people who missed it will be able to watch a recording of it.

Google says that companies involved in the testing of Hangout ads reported a higher engagement rate than from +Post ads, almost 50 percent higher in some cases.

There are some requirements before you can utilise this advertising. Your account must have more than 1,000 followers and the +post ads you create must contain content that’s relevant to your Google Plus audience. You must also opt in to shared endorsements for Google Plus pages.

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Other Google Plus Services

Boost Online can also take control of your company’s Google Plus page, run simple audits to make sure it is fully stocked with information and share focused, relevant updates for your Google Plus audience. If you have a Google account and want to appear in local search results, it is imperative to complete your Google profile with as much company information as possible. To learn more about how BoostOnline can assist you with your social media account and reputation managment, please call or complete our Contact Form today.

Google Plus Marketing

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