Online Marketing Tips

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5 Tips for Increasing Your Website Traffic

You’ve paid for a new, mobile friendly website for your business, worked with the developer to get the design and wording exactly as you want it on every page and it’s finally gone ‘live’. You finally have a shop window to showcase your brand message, services or products. So where are your customers?

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Social Media Marketing Facts

10 Fascinating Social Media Marketing Facts

Social Media is increasingly prevalent in business marketing strategies. With a host of popular platforms available for use, the prospect of initiating profiles on the most suitable selection of social networks can be daunting for large companies, let alone small business owners.

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Why You Should Use One Digital Marketing Agency for Both PPC and SEO

Until recently, it was common practice to split your digital marketing between an agency specialising in search engine optimisation (SEO) and one specialising in pay per click advertising (PPC).

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Are you keeping to Google AdWords Best Practices?

Do you feel like your Google AdWords spend is too high for the returns you are seeing? Do you feel that your ad positions could be better?

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5 Things to Look at Before Starting a Website Redesign

With essential services going digital and our need for information, product and service research increasing the reasons to be online, having a well-designed…

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SEO Help image8 Mistakes SEO rookies must avoid:

When you’re new in any career path, you’re bound to make mistakes. As an SEO rookie, it’ll take years before you’re seasoned enough to call yourself a pro.

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